The Hydrogeology Program
The Hydrogeology Program at the University of Illinois is an active group of faculty, staff, and students who study fluid migration and chemical reaction in the Earth's subsurface. The group is best known for developing and applying numerical models of subsurface processes, and for applying isotopic methods to study groundwater flow.

AMD Photo PendingMany of its research efforts fall along three lines: (1) studying the migration of deep fluids, including petroleum, through sedimentary basins and (2) simulating important processes in environmental geochemistry, such as the mobility of heavy metals in drainage from historic mining districts, and (3) applying isotopic techniques in new ways to study groundwater flow and reaction. The program maintains a complete computational laboratory with a professional programming staff, and facilities for isotopic analysis.

  • People  Meet the students, staff and faculty of the Hydrogeology Program.
  • Research Consortium  The group of companies and laboratories that sponsors development of our software. The consortium is closed to new members.
  • Isotope Hydrogeology  Some of us study stable and radiogenic isotopes in groundwater flow.
  • Software  Learn about The Geochemist's Workbench® package, which now includes the Xt reactive transport model. The Basin2 package has been retired and is no longer available.
  • Short Courses  Attend one of our short courses to learn about geochemical and reactive transport modeling, or basin modeling, and get hands-on training on how to use our software.
  • Publications  Browse papers and books we have published.

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