Jim Best

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Jack & Richard Threet Professor of Sedimentary Geology

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  • BSc. Geology/Geography (Combined Honours) degree, University of Leeds, UK

  • PhD (Geology), Birkbeck College, University of London, UK. Doctoral Research: ‘Flow & Sediment Transport at river channel confluences' PhD (Geology) 1985

Research Interests

•  Interactions between turbulent flows and sediment movement

•  Turbulence modulation in sedimentological flows

•  Bedform dynamics

•  Braided river dynamics and deposits

•  The morphodynamics of river channel confluences

•  The sedimentology of large rivers

•  Density current dynamics and sedimentation

•  Methods and techniques in experimental sedimentology and geomorphology

•  The application of multibeam imaging within sedimentary environments

Basin evolution, paleoenvironments and sedimentology of the Western Irish Namurian Basin

Teaching / Courses TAUGHT

  • GEOL 440 Sedimentology and stratigraphy: processes, environments and deposits
  • GEOL 415/515 Field Course (2007-2008): The Geology of County Clare, Western Eire: sedimentology, paleoecology and evolution of a sedimentary basin
  • GEOG 495: Alluvial boundary layer dynamics and deposits