Record Numbers Visit Geology During Engineering Open House

Posted on 04.10.2019

This was the first year that the School of Earth, Society and Environment co-ordinated EoH contributions across Geology, GGIS and Atmospheric Sciences, and was led by a school committee of Becky Vandewalle (GGIS), Marley Majetic (Atmospheric Sciences) and chaired by our own Nooreen Meghani. This co-ordination provided a tremendous advantage and enabled us to highlight much research and teaching across the school. In addition, we were lucky to host many exhibits from the Ven Te Chow Hydrosystems Laboratory, which is currently undergoing a two-year renovation, who used NHB for their exhibits – many of which have huge interest within the school! Geology ran five exhibits as part of EoH2019 – ‘Journey through the Amazon River’, ‘Watching Sedimentary Rocks Form’, ‘Trashcano’, ‘Augmented Reality Sandbox’, and the ever-popular ‘Fossils and Minerals: Start your rock collection’!

Time lapse video by Max Christie (spot Max and Nooreen’s faces on image 1!) of visitors to our flume demonstration ‘Watching Sedimentary Rocks Form’ This exhibit, led this year by undergraduate senior Jack Brown, won the ‘Outstanding Lab Projects’ prize at EoH. Congratulations Jack!

Visitors ranged for 9 months to ninety years old and came from backgrounds all across our community, showing yet again how informative and useful EoH is across campus and town. The success of EoH was only made possible by the hard work and devotion of the SESE committee, and especially Nooreen, and all the many undergraduate and graduate student volunteers across both the two days of EoH and the planning stages. EoH2019 showed just how strong a contribution SESE and Geology can make to future EoH’s and enlivening the next generations of earth and environmental scientists!

EOH hallway

A crowded lower NHB hallway in EoH as many flock to the ‘Fossils and Minerals: Start you rock collection’ exhibit.

Visitors to EoH fascinated by the 'Augmented Reality Sandbox'.

Visitors to EoH fascinated by the ‘Augmented Reality Sandbox’.

 Even dinosaurs find EoH just fascinating!

Even dinosaurs find EoH just fascinating!