Introduction to the Department of Geology

The Geology Department at the University of Illinois has been a home for pioneering research and excellent teaching for well over a century, with our graduates becoming leaders in both academia and industry. We have strong research programs in Earth Materials (Mineral Science), Sedimentary and Earth Surface Processes, Geobiology, Hydrogeology, Seismology, Geochemistry/Petrology, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Paleoclimate, and Tectonics/Structural Geology. Being a part of one of the nation’s top public research universities, we have extensive resources, enabling our students to conduct research at the cutting edge.

The Department of Geology strives to not only conduct advanced research but to also provide high-quality education in the geosciences at the undergraduate and graduate level. Our general education courses draw close to 4,000 students per year. The Department sponsors field courses to spectacular locations, including Curaçao, southern Arizona, Death Valley, the Colorado Plateau, and the Canadian Shield. We also run a summer geology field camp in Park City, Utah, in conjunction with a few other universities.

The School of Earth, Environment and Society consists of the Departments of Geology, Atmospheric Science, and Geography. The School facilitates interdisciplinary research and teaching, with opportunities to study GIS, atmosphere/land interactions, and social-policy implications of geoscience research. We can offer a truly unique interdisciplinary community and provide opportunities that know few bounds! Join us in these exciting new developments within Earth Sciences and be part of the growing and vibrant research culture at UIUC. If you are interested in finding out more about our recent and innovative research or about how you could be involved, please contact one of our faculty.

Students scuba diving.
Student filling a gas tank.
Students in the field- Cyprus