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Clay Conference at Univ. of Illinois

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The Univ. of Illinois is hosting the 55th Annual Meeting of the Clay Minerals Society (CMS) on June 10 - 14, 2018. Prof. Stephen Altaner, who is on the Organizing Committee, will lead a field trip to the Starved Rock State Park area, a field trip to the type locality of illite, and a thematic session on Teaching and History of Clay Sciences. The U of I also hosted the CMS meeting in 2013 when it was one of the most attended meetings in CMS history.

New Insights on Yellowstone Volcanism: Liu and Team

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In a paper “Western US volcanism due to intruding oceanic mantle driven by ancient Farallon slabs” published in Nature Geoscience, Lijun Liu and graduate students Quan Zhou and Jiashun Hu have employed seismic tomography to reveal new insights into the origin of Yellowstone volcanism and challenge existing views on deep mantle plumes.

Cisneros Presents to Chancellor, President, and Board of Trustees

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Julia Cisneros was invited as the sole student representative of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign to speak about her research and fieldwork in the Amazon and Yellow Rivers and showcase the importance of applied fieldwork and student research opportunities to the Chancellor, President, and Board of Trustees.

EOS Research Spotlight: Wendy Yang

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Assistant Professor Wendy Yang’s recent paper “Evaluating the Classical Versus and Emerging Conceptual Model of Peatland Methane Dynamics” published in Global Biogeochemical Cycles has been recognized as a significant contribution and highlighted in the EOS Research Spotlight.

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship: Julia Cisneros

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Graduate student Julia Cisneros won a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship this fall for a project titled “Dune morphology and dynamics in fluvial channels." 

Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal of the American Geoscience Institute: Susan Kieffer

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Professor Emeritus Susan Kieffer is a leader in the emerging field of Geoethics. This year she received the Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal of the American Geoscience Institute and contributed to a book chapter on Geoethics. Dr. Kieffer is also presenting an invited paper at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union: The International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG) by Susan Kieffer, Silvia Peppoloni and Giuseppe di Capua. Union Session U12A: How do we ensure research integrity? 

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: Robert Goldman

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Graduate student Robert Goldman won an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in fall 2017 based on his proposal "Developing a Comprehensive 3D Finite Element Model of Magma Plumbing Systems to Improve Forecasts of Eruption Timing, Location, and Destructive Potential."

Paper Accepted in Frontiers in Earth Science: Zhan, Gregg

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Graduate student Yan Zhan, advised by Trish Gregg, had a paper accepted in Frontiers in Earth Science. This work demonstrates how modeling the eruption potential of a restless volcano can be improved by incorporating volcano monitoring data by “hindcasting” a 2009 explosive eruption of Kerinci volcano, Indonesia.

R&D 100 Award for Crunchflow, Druhan

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Crunchflow model of groundwater flow and reactions

Crunchflow, a computer modeling package developed partially by Prof Jenny Druhan, has received a prestigious R&D 100 award from R&D Magazine.


2017 Alumni Achievement Award: Jim Kirkpatrick (Ph.D. '72)

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Photo: Presentation of the plaque
On November 3rd, 2017, Prof. R. James Kirkpatrick (PhD ’72), Dean of the College of Natural Sciences at Michigan State University, was presented with the department’s Alumni Achievement Award.  Jim is well known to many current and former members of the department, having served UIUC for nearly 30 years as a faculty member, department head, and executive associate dean (10 years).

Jessica Conroy: Thriving in Research

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Jess Conroy
Assistant Professor Jessica Conroy has been included in a list of 7 women climate scientists in an article published in The Guardian.  The piece highlights the successes and contributions of several prominent women climate scientists.

Saturday, Nov. 4th Natural History Building Re-dedication

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Natural History Building

 November 4th, 2017:  Please join us for a grand event to mark the re-dedication of the Natural History Building!  Geology alumni from all over will be converging on NHB for a re-dedication ceremony, tours, and plenty of socializing to celebrate the completion of this once-in-a-lifetime renewal of the traditional home of Geology, on the quad.

Jim Best to be awarded the Lamarck Medal from EGU

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The Lamarck Medal

Prof. Jim Best will be awarded the 2018 Lamarck Medal from the Division on Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Paleontology of the European Geosciences Union!

2018 Spring Field Course: Classic Localities of Scotland

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The 2014 Group in Scotland
In Spring, 2018, the Geology 415/515 Field Course will return to Scotland!  Professors Anders, Gregg, Stewart and Burmeister will lead a group of 22 students to visit classic localities to investigate glacial geomorphology, super volcanoes, the rifting of Pangaea and thrust tectonics. 

Department of Geology Offices Return to NHB!

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"Geology Row" on the third floor of NHB
Department of Geology faculty and grad student offices have moved back into the Natural History Building.  We are now located on the east side of the third floor.  The building looks and feels wonderful!