Lijun Liu


  • Ph.D. Geophysics, California Institute of Technology, 2010

Prof. Liu has a broad interest in the temporal evolution of solid Earth. He takes an interdisciplinary approach to study the history of subduction and mantle convection, and their interactions with Earth's surface. Particular questions Prof. Liu tries to answer include what drives the long-term, large-scale continental vertical motion; how could orogeny be related to mantle dynamics; to what extent major volcanic eruptions are due to abnormal subduction processes. In practice, he applies forward and inverse data-assimilation methods to the construction of geodynamic simulations, using observational data from various fields.

Research Areas

    Courses Taught

    • GEOL 107: Physical Geology
    • GEOL 450: Probing the Earth's Interior
    • GEOL 552: Geodynamics