Rob Sanford


  • PhD. Microbiology, Michigan State University 1996
  • MS. Microbiology, Colorado State University
  • BA. Biology, Whitman College

I focus on the Microbial Ecology of biogeochemical processes, particularly those that occur in the subsurface. Of particular interest are studies involving respiratory anaerobic microorganisms, such as those that reduce halogenated compounds and metals, in both natural and human impacted ecosystems. Recent projects have involved deep subsurface microbial activity in the Illinois Basin Mt. Simon formation; microbial community composition in the Mahomet aquifer (major drinking water source for Champaign); and detailed evaluation of the N-cycle in agricultural soils relative to greenhouse gas formation.

Research Areas

    Courses Taught

    • GEOL 561: Geomicrobiology and Geochemistry (Spring)
    • Fall Geomicrobiology Topics Seminar (Climate Change, Bioremediation, etc.)