Haley Cabaniss


  • College of Charleston

I am a PhD student who is interested in the physical and chemical aspects of melt generation, evolution, and eruption.  I am working with Professor Trish Gregg, modeling 3-D magma reservoirs in order to determine the parameters and conditions for which systems fail, and eruptions occur. I am particularly interested in external mechanisms of triggering collapse-caldera forming eruptions. Aside from geology, I enjoy hiking, camping, gardening, traveling, and relaxing with my best friend (and dog), Charliepants.

 I will be participating in the Off Axis Seamount Investigation at Siqueiros (OASIS) sea-going research expedition to the 8'20" Seamounts from November 3, 2016 to December 3, 2016. Follow along on Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube channel!

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