Michael Delucia

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  • University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
  • Gustavus Adolphus College

Hi, I'm Mike.  I am a Ph.D. candidate studying structural geology and thermochronology under Dr. Stephen Marshak and Dr. William Guenthner.  My project focuses on the Ste. Genevieve Fault Zone (SGFZ) (and surrounding regions), which represents the boundary between the Ozark Dome and the Illinois Basin.  Resent seismological arrays have shown the SGFZ to be more active than previously recognized.  I intend create a model for the SGFZ and support it by field mapping, geomorphic analysis, and thermochronology in an attempt to constrain uplift history of the Ozark Dome.  Other ongoing projects include (1) utilizing thermochronology to constrain the Precambrian tectonic history of the midcontinent, including the age of uplift and amount of denudation that formed the Great Unconformity, and (2) analyzing magnetotellurics to understand the formation of the granite and rhyolite province of the midcontinent, and its' relationship to rifting events and overall midcontinent history.

Research Areas