Nicole Fernandez


  • Boston University

Hello there! I am a 4th year PhD student working with Dr. Jennifer Druhan. My interests include chemical weathering and global solute cycles, stable isotope geochemistry, catchment hydrology, and reactive transport modeling. My research is focused on (1) better characterizing Si (2nd most abundant element) and Ca (5th most abundant element) stable isotope fractionation during water-rock interactions that occur in the shallow subsurface of Earth's crust through lab experiments and reactive transport modeling; and (2) using these stable isotopes to gain important insight into the chemical and transport processes that influence solute generation and cycling within silicate and carbonate weathering environments.

My research has taken me across the Atlantic to France, the beautiful land of wine, fromage, croissants, and foie gras.


 That's all vineyards in the Jura.


In Paris, I have spent the last year and a half collaborating with one of the best chemical weathering research groups that have over the decades assembled massive water and sediment libraries with samples collected from rivers all over the world. There, I've been analyzing dissolved and solid phase samples from catchments all over the U.S and France + French territories as part of an international collaboration between our group at UIUC, other groups that are part of the U.S CZO network, and our french collaborators at the Insitute that I currently work at (IPGP) in Paris. 

When I am not doing science, my hobbies involve reading A LOT of history (I am a big geek for everything history!) and playing rugby (which I actually took up while in France as a way to learn French). Here is what learning french looks like :)


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