Xiaobao Lin


  • BS: Uni. of Sci. & Tech. of China

Hi! I am Xiaobao, a third-year Ph.D candidate in the Department of Geology, UIUC. Currently, I work under the instruction of Prof. Craig Lundstrom on experimental petrology and non-traditional stable isotopes.

My research interest is studying the thermal diffusion process and its application in the differentiation process of the Earth. Basically, I'd like to investigate the isotopic fractionation of non-traditional stable isotopes like V and Cr in the thermal diffusion experiments and how they are controlled by temperature and valence state. This can be applied in Earth temperature gradient environment like the basal magma ocean boundary layer. In a ideal scenario, it will generate significant isotopic fractionation which can explain the discrepancies of the isotopic signatures of the silicate Earth and primitive meteorites. 

Other interests: Badminton, Soccer, Travel & Video Games! People share the same interests are always welcome to contact me!

Research Areas