Yan Zhan


  • M.S. Structure Geology, Peking University, China
  • B.S. Geochemsitry, Peking University, China

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November 2016, I am heading to sea as a member of Gregg's Volcano Lab! Follow along with the OASIS Science Team on an expedition of discovery to investigate submarine volcanoes that have never been explored before. *Like* our Facebook Page and/or *Subscribe* to our YouTube Channel to receive updates during our Nov-Dec 2016 Expedition. 

 OASIS Expedition Trailer


Monitoring of active volcanoes to mitigate disaster for vulnerable populations relies on the efficient synthesis of a variety of data sources. Observations of volcanic unrest include geophysical data such as seismicity, gravity or geodesy as well as geochemical information from gas emissions or previous eruptions. To fully realize the potential of these data streams for assessing volcanic unrest, a multi-disciplinary approach is necessary. My PhD work at the University of Illinois is focused on combining data from multiple sources to better understand volcanic unrest. While my background at Peking University includes degrees in geochemistry (B.S.) and structural geology (M.S.), my current research takes advantage of computational geodynamic approaches. Linking these advancements with the important work of the geochemical community on volcanic systems is critical for the future development of our volcano forecast methods. 

My long-term research interest is utilizing numerical approaches to study the mechanics of the nature hazards, such as volcano eruptions and earthquakes.