Spring, 2020 Colloquium

Thursdays, 3:30 PM, unless otherwise indicated
Tentative Location: Room 2079 Natural History Building 
Post-talk reception: Natural History Building Rm. 3083 - "The Core"

Jan. 23 Dr. William Easterling- National Science Foundation
"Balancing Curiosity-Driven Research with Convergent Research at NSF-What it takes to Understand and Predict the Earth System"

Jan. 30  Carol Stein - University of Illinois at Chicago (Host: Song)
"New Insights into North America's Midcontinent Rift

Feb. 6  Buckley Lecture in Environmental Geoscience
Pam Sullivan - Oregon State University (Host: Druhan)

Feb. 13 No Colloquium (Research Review)

Feb. 20 Hold for Job Interviews

Feb. 27 Kirkpatrick Lecture
Juliana Troch, ETH Zurich and Brown University (Host: Lundstrom)

Mar. 5  Trent Ford, Illinois State Climatologist (Host: Conroy)

Mar. 12  Ralph E. Grim Lecture
Peter Edmunds, California State University - Northridge (Host:Fouke)
"Two tails of the coral reef crisis"

Mar. 19  No Colloquium (Spring Break)  

Mar. 26  Dan Shugar - University of Calgary (Host: Best)
"What is happening with the world's glacial lakes?"

Apr. 2 Stephanie Olson, University of Chicago (Host: Christie)

Apr. 9

Apr. 16  Peter DeCelles, University of Arizona (Host: Liu)
"Oligo-Miocene basins formed by upper-plate extension in southern Tibet: response to syn-collisional Indian slab rollback"

Apr. 23 Susan Kieffer, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geology, UIUC 

Apr. 30  Douglas Faulkner, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire (Host: Anders)
"The paraglacial Chippewa River, west-central Wisconsin: a case study of long-term complex response to abrupt base-level fall"