Albert V. Carozzi - Emeritus Professor Dies

Posted on 02.01.2016

Albert Carozzi, Emeritus Professor of Geology passed away July 5th, 2014 in Raleigh, NC. He was 89. Carozzi retired from the University of Illinois Department of Geology in 1998 and moved to North Carolina to be closer to his daughter.

His field was Sedimentary Petrology, focusing on limestones, and he mentored more than 100 students during his tenure at UIUC. He published several books on Sedimentary Petrology and Sedimentary Geology including a lavishly illustrated atlas in 1993. He was also a prolific translator and writer on the History of Geology publishing many works, including a translation of "A History of Geology" by Gabriel Gohau in 1991. Many were co-translated and published with his wife, Marguerite, who passed away six months earlier in January 2014.

Read more about Prof. Carozzi in the department newsletter published in Fall, 2015.