2012 Research Review Photography Awards

Posted on 08.23.2015

January: Kory Konsoer, EARTH, Lost Canyon Arches
February: Darienne Ciuro Sanchez, ENVIRONMENT, Are You Talking to Me?
March: Sarah Rivard, EARTH, Johnson's Shut Ins, Black River
April: Bethany Norris, EARTH, Into the Storm
May: Rob Kanter, HUMOROUS, What Are You Looking At?
June: Steve Marshak, EARTH, Ruffles and Ridges
July: Luke Bard, SOCIETY, I HEART Bali
August: Julie Cidell, ENVIRONMENT, Urbs in Horto
September: Darienne Ciuro Sanchez, SOCIETY, Nature Always Wins
October: Steve Marshak, ENVIRONMENT, Calm
November: Bethany Norris, EARTH, Stormy Day on Lake Superior
December: Mauricio Perillo, EARTH, Up in the Air
Photography "Best in Show"
Best in Show, Earth: Bethany Norris, Into the Storm
Best in Show, Society: Luke Bard, I HEART Bali
Best in Show, Environment: Steve Marshak, Calm
Best in Show, Humorous: Rob Kanter, What Are You Looking At?
Cover of the Calendar: Bethany Norris, Into the Storm