Photo of Prof. Gregg.


University of Illinois
Department of Geology
Office: CAB 138

Patricia M. Gregg

Current Position

07/2014 - present: Assistant Professor of Geophysics


Ph.D. Marine Geophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program, 2008
Advisor: Jian Lin

B.S. Geology and Geophysics, University of Missouri-Rolla, 2000
Summa Cum Laude, Student Marshal

Honors & Awards

09/2011 - 06/2014: CEAOS Institutional Research Associate Postdoc (OSU)
09/2009 - 08/2011: NSF EAR Postdoctoral Fellowship (LDEO, OSU)
09/2003 - 08/2006: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (MIT/WHOI)
06/2002 - 08/2003: Hollister Graduate Research Fellowship (MIT/WHOI)
08/1996 - 12/2000: V.H. McNutt Geology Scholarship (UMR)
08/1997 - 12/2000: Society of Exploration Geophysicists Scholarship (UMR)
08/1996 - 05/2000: Missouri Bright Flight Scholarship (UMR)

Professional Experience

09/2011 - 06/2014: Oregon State University, Institutional Research Associate
09/2010 - 09/2011: Oregon State University, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow
09/2008 - 09/2009: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow
09/2006 - 05/2008: WHOI, Graduate Research Fellow
01/2007 - 06/2007: Boston College, Adjunct Lecturer
09/2003 - 09/2006: MIT/WHOI, NSF Graduate Research Fellow
06/2002 - 08/2003: WHOI, Hollister Graduate Research Fellow
06/2001 - 06/2002: Sprint, Project Manager & Associate Engineer Summer
2000: Sandia National Laboratories, Summer Intern Summer
1999: WHOI, Summer Student Fellow
08/1999 - 05/2000: University of Missouri-Rolla, Opportunities for Undergraduate Research Experience (OURE) Fellow
01/1998 - 05/2000: KMNR FM Campus Radio Station, Music Director & D.J. Summer
1995: University of Missouri-Rolla, Jackling Student Fellow

Field Experience

2012: 4th International Workshop on Collapse Calderas, Vulsini Calderas, Italy
2012: Oregon State University, Adv. Igneous Petrology field trip, Long Valley, CA
2008: Chief Scientist, R/V New Horizon, Costa Rica Seismic Experiment (30 days)
2004-2007: WHOI Geodynamics – Hawaii (’04), Iceland (’06), and Maine (’07)
2005: Ridge 2000 Cyprus Ophiolite Field School 2003: MIT Carbonate Sedimentology field trip, the Bahamas
2003: MIT Continental Deformation field trip, Greece 2002: Shipboard Scientific Party, R/V Melville, Vancouver Leg 1, EPR (28 days)
2001: Shipboard Scientific Party, R/V Atlantis, AT4-4, MAR (28 days)
1996-2000: Participated in several geophysical data collection projects with the UMR Geophysics Group (GPR, EM, Seismic, and Resistivity)
1998: Boston University Summer Field Camp, Western Ireland

Professional Affiliations

American Geophysical Union
Geological Society of America
International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior
Commission on Collapse Calderas

Press Releases

OSU Press Release: Scientists find possible trigger for volcanic ‘super-eruption’
The Daily Mail: Scientists reveal why pressure builds inside ‘super volcanoes’
OSU Press Release: Scientists find possible trigger for volcanic ‘super-eruption’
The Daily Mail: Scientists reveal why pressure builds inside ‘super volcanoes’
WHOI News Release: Fragmented Structure of Seafloor Faults May Dampen Effects of Earthquakes:
T.V. News Broadcast: Underwater Earthquakes, Ivanhoe News Syndicate


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P.M. Gregg, M. D. Behn, J. Lin, T. L. Grove, The effects of mantle rheology and fault segmentation on melt generation and extraction beneath oceanic transform faults, J. of Geophys. Res., 114, B11102, doi:10.1029/2008JB006100, 2009. 
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