Current Students


Jiashun Hu (Fall 2013 - present), PhD candidate: Subduction modelling of South America.

Quan Zhou (Fall 2013 - present), PhD candidate: Mantle dynamics of North America

Ching Chang (Fall 2015 - present): Coupled mantle-surface evolution modelling


Former Students


Tiffany Leonard (2013-2015), M.S.

Thesis: Testing the hypothesis of slab-plume interaction on the formation of the Yellowstone hotspot system

Armando Hermosillo (2012-2014), M.S.

Thesis: Investigating flat-slab subduction underneath South America using 4D numerical simulations


Prospective students


We always welcome motivated students to join our group! For inquiry, please contact Prof. Liu at:   



(001) 217-300-0378.