4:00 Thursdays, unless stated otherwise below
Location: 165 Everitt Hall
Pre-talk reception 3:30 to 4:00, 169 Computing Applications Building (CAB)

27 Aug: No colloquium (first week of classes).  Reception at 3:30 for faculty and students.

3 Sept:  "Teaching Like a Scientist: Instructional Change in Geology"
Alison Anders and Jonathan Tomkin, UIUC

10 Sept: Ralph E. Grim Lecture
"What does calcium carbonate and gypsum tell us about the lives of fishes and jellyfishes?"
Mike Kingsford, James Cook Univ., Australia

17 Sept: "Mammoths and Mastodons in the Great Lakes: New data on the chronology and paleoecology of extinction."
Chris Widga, Illinois State Museum

24 Sept: Richard Hay Lecture
"Intracontinental earthquakes: spatiotemporal patterns and hazard assessment"
Mian Liu, University of Missouri

1 Oct: R. James Kirkpatrick Lecture
"The assembly and eruption of explosive volcanic centers: A high energy end-member of multiphase flow"
Joe Dufek, Georgia Tech

8 Oct: Ralph E. Grim Lecture
"Very long-wavelength mantle convection, supercontinent cycles, and mantle structure evolution for the last 500 Ma"
Shijie Zhong, University of Colorado

15 Oct: Glenn and Susan Buckley Lecture 
"Evaluating water sustainability across the High Plains Aquifer using process-based hydrology models"
Dave Hyndman, Michigan State Univ.

22 Oct: “Paleotopography of the precambrian surface of Illinois”
Hannes Leetaru, Illinois State Geological Survey

29 Oct: "Tambora 1815: Geology, history, and climate change"
Gillen D'Arcy Wood, UIUC

5 Nov: Richard Hay Lecture
“Density, topography and erosion: the physics of links between mantle flow, surface processes, climate and density variations in the Earth’s crust"
Jean Braun, University Joseph Fourier - Grenoble

12 Nov: 2nd Annual Phillips Lecture in Paleoscience
"A haystack from a needle: Past ecosystem structure from isotopes and biomarkers"
Kate Freeman, Penn State
Location: Alice Campbell Alumni Center Ballroom (east)

19 Nov: "The core inside the Earth's inner core: signals from seismic noise interferometry"
Xiaodong Song, UIUC Geology

26 Nov: No Colloquium: Thanksgiving recess

3 Dec: Glenn and Susan Buckley Lecture and
2015 Dept. of Geology Alumni Achievement Award Presentation

"Environmental issues for shale gas development: A hydrogeological perspective "
John A. Cherry, Univ. of Guelph and Univ. of Waterloo

10 Dec: No Colloquium: (last week of classes)