NHB Update: May, 2016

Posted on 05.18.2016
NHB Exterior

In a recent tour through the Natural History Building (NHB), we saw great progress!  The new walls are framed with metal studs, or, in many cases, are completed.  Paint crews are working to finish walls in some areas, and original, refinished oak moldings from 1892 and 1908 are being reinstalled.  Laboratories are beginning to receive casework and fume hoods.  It's an exciting time!!!  See photos below for more detail.  Many thanks to Heather Gillett for the fine photographs!

Geomicrobio Lab

The new Geomicrobiology Lab is beginning to receive casework and a fume hood has been installed.

framed walls photo

Walls in the new Sedimentology Laboratory are framed and electrical, plumbing, and air handling infrastructure is in place.

NHB Hallway Photo

Hallway walls, with traditional hard plaster finish applied by hand, are complete and ready to receive paint.

Vaulted Ceiling Photo

The vaulted ceiling of the former natural history museum is being scraped and repainted.  New lighting will be added, and the original skylights will be cleaned to allow influx of natural light.