More NHB renovation photos

Posted on 06.01.2016

Here are a few additional photographs from the recent NHB walk-through. 
Photos by Heather Gillett and Steve Hurst.

duct and ceiling work
wood ceiling entrance

1.) The NHB construction process is a complex undertaking: Major infrastructure items must be installed in sequence and routed around each other. Here, we see:
- plumbing vent (white pvc tube)
- grid for dropped ceiling
- fire sprinkler pipes and heads
- electrical conduits and junction boxes
- stainless steel fume hood duct (large silver tube)
- air supply duct (rectangular, covered with foil-faced insulation)
Tradesmen have completed most of the infrastructure.

2.) The carved wood ceiling in the 1892 wing designed by Nathan Ricker has been revealed for the first time in many years.  Until recently it was covered with a white plaster false ceiling.  The wood will be refinished and restored to its original beauty.

classroom nearly complete

Petro Microscope lab

1.) A classroom nearing completion. Walls are complete and original, refinished wood moldings have been re-installed.

2.) Room 2020 NHB begins to take shape. This is the high-tech classroom designed to enhance active learning and collaborative student work.

scopes lab
East Old Museum Entrance

This room will house the petrographic microscope lab.


Geology Offices East side 3rd floor
The mezzanine area on the south end of NHB

1.) 3rd floor hallway on the East side, hosting the Geology Dept. Office and faculty offices, and entrance to the old Museum - soon to be common area for SESE.

2.) The mezzanine area of the south end of NHB between 3rd and 4th floors. Offices for Post-docs, grad students?

South Outside NHB


Construction on the South side of NHB (April-May 2016)