Noah Jemison Receives AGU Horton Research Grant

Posted on 09.07.2016
Photo of Jemison at Rifle

Graduate student Noah Jemison has been awarded a Horton Research Grant by AGU.  The Horton Grants are for Ph.D. students, to promote excellence through encouragement of the next generation of professionals in the hydrological sciences.  Each year the grant is awarded to up to three students during their candidacy for a Ph.D. degree in hydrology, water resources, or a closely related field.  Noah will be recognized at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

Noah's research focuses on uranium contamination in groundwater, and the use of uranium isotope ratios (238U/235U) to reveal key chemical reactions underground.  Oxidation of uraninite and other forms of uranium in the reduced state (+4 valence) can mobilize the uranium by converting it to more soluble uranyl complexes.  Noah's research aims to assess the potential for 238U/235U measurements as indicators of U oxidation.  The Horton Grant supports Noah's field work at a long-term DOE research site in Rifle Colorado.