Prof. Gregg leads team exploring submarine volcanos in the Pacific!

Posted on 02.01.2017
R/V Atlantis Photo

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Professor Patricia Gregg, her graduate students, and Prog. Craig Lundstrom are aboard the ship R/V
Atlantis out in the Pacific Ocean. Prof. Gregg is Chief Scientist for
project OASIS, "Off-Axis Seamount Investigations at Siqueiros," that is
exploring sea-floor volcanoes using the Alvin research submarine, the
autonomous underwater vehicle Sentry, and ship-based geophysical methods
such as gravity, magnetics, and multibeam sonar. The goal of this
research is to help Earth scientists better understand the construction
of the ocean crust that covers ~70% of the Earth's surface. Currently
only about 5% of the seafloor has been mapped and this expedition will
provide critical information necessary to better understand our planet.
This fundamental research is funded by the U.S. National Science

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