2018 Spring Field Course: Classic Localities of Scotland

Posted on 10.08.2017
The 2014 Group in Scotland

In Spring, 2018, the Geology 415/515 Field Course will return to Scotland!  After a semester of lectures and student presentations on the historical significance of Scottish geologists and localities, Professors Anders, Gregg, Stewart and Burmeister will lead a group of 22 students on a 10 day excursion from Siccar Point on the Dunbar coast in the southeast through the Isle of Skye and the Northwest Highlands along the Minch coast. We will visit classic localities to investigate glacial geomorphology, super volcanoes, the rifting of Pangaea and thrust tectonics. Staying in youth hostels in Edinburgh, Stirling, Portree, Ullapool and Tongue will afford us opportunity to emerse ourselves in Scottish culture as well as the spectacular geology offered by the Scottish countryside.

scotland field photo

Hunting the Moine thrust and mylonite, 2014.

Scotland field photo

Loch Laxford - discussing the Lewisian Gneiss, 2014