NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: Robert Goldman

Posted on 12.07.2017

Graduate student Robert Goldman won an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in fall 2017 based on his proposal "Developing a Comprehensive 3D Finite Element Model of Magma Plumbing Systems to Improve Forecasts of Eruption Timing, Location, and Destructive Potential."

Robbie’s comments on winning this award: "As a life-long scientist and science-enthusiast, I am extremely humbled and honored to have received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. This award will support my goal of resolving the complex processes that govern crustal magma propagation, in order to improve our ability to forecast volcanic eruptions both in the U.S. and other parts of the world. This fellowship also provides me with incredible opportunities to engage with the greater volcanology community through federal and international research partnerships. As an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, I look forward to growing as a scientist and contributing to the collective body of scientific knowledge throughout the course of my graduate career."