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The Conroy lab is looking for a motivated undergraduate researcher to help develop a new paleoclimate record from lagoon sediments off the tropical Pacific island of Kiritimati. The research will involve collecting, cleaning, and identifying marine foraminifera, which will then be prepared for stable isotopic analysis of oxygen and carbon.


Dr. Jessica Conroy (

PhD student Allie Wyman (

Geochemical tracers in archaeology:  Preparation of samples from the ancient city cahokia

Cahokia Mounds, in southwestern Illinois, was the site of a major “city” from ca. A.D. 1050 to 1350 with an estimated population of 40,000. It was the largest prehistoric mound center in North America and is considered the center of what archaeologists call the Mississippian culture. Archaeological investigations aim to reveal the diet, health, demography, and biological relationships. The Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS) Cahokia Project is a long-term, multi-disciplinary research project that seeks to identify factors that contributed to the rise and fall of the Cahokian polity.  This project will contribute to an effort that uses geochemical analyses (mainly stable isotope measurements) of human and animal remains, from Cahokia and related regions, to offer new information on the health, diet, geographic origins, and genetic relationships of individuals.  See:

Dr. Tom Johnson, Professor of Geology (
Dr. Kris Hedman, Assistant Director, Program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials, Illinois State Archaeological Survey (