Fellowship support

University Fellowships

See the Graduate College database of Fellowships.  These are highly prestigious and highly competitive.

Department of Geology Endowed Fellowships

Bluestem Fellowship

Preference given to Ph.D. students with broad interests in aspects of geology involving the upper crust and/or the interaction of the upper crust with the atmosphere and hydrosphere. It is desired that students receiving the fellowship will be encouraged to be "integrators," in that their work should encompass more than a single specialty.

Evergreen Endowed Fellowship

Preference given to students who have an interest in developing an interdisciplinary background, combining their area of expertise with other areas either in geoscience or in other disciplines. Recipients shall be encouraged to develop interdisciplinary interests, and to think about how geoscience knowledge can be used to address problems facing society.

GeoThrust Fellowship in Geology

This graduate fellowship is awarded to meritorious students. It commemorates successes of the GeoThrust Committee which was comprised of alumni and friends of the Department. This all-volunteer group raised a significant amount of endowments and gifts, and provided invaluable advice and services to the Department.

Harold R. Wanless Graduate Fellowship

Based on merit, to either to attract new graduate students or be awarded to current graduate students.

Texas/Louisiana Alumni Geology Graduate Fellowship

This fellowship is supported by alumni of the Texas/Louisiana region and awarded to meritorious graduate students.

may family Fellowship

The specialty area is open, but if possible, preference is be given to students studying aspects of geochemistry.

Other Fellowships

The Department has additional fellowships providing partial funding, including the Harold W. Scott Fellowship and the Lawrence M. Steber Fellowship.